Ward Acres Farm LLC
Labrador Retrievers - The Most Fetching Pets!

Life for our Labrador Retrievers begins every morning with an outdoor romp followed by breakfast at our seven acre farm located in Ridgefield, CT in Southern Fairfield County, or at our home in Davenport Ranch in Austin, TX.  Immediately after inhaling their food, our four adult labs like to do an inspection patrol around the property, visiting the horses and checking out where the raiding deer and the local red fox have trespassed during the night. They chase the squirrels away from the bird feeder. They nap. They play ‘Stick’, and ‘Chase’ (otherwise known as ‘Catch Me if You Can!’), retrieve anything that moves as well as many things that do not. They swim in our pool in the summer in CT and in the winter in TX, and spend hours in the lake at our summer cottage in Canada where we take them on vacation. They run, walk, play and train for obedience and agility and, in the summer, when they think I do not see, they raid the vegetable garden. They love almost all fruits and vegetables, but strawberries, tomatoes and green beans seem to be the favorites! After a busy day our labs eat their dinner and settle in for an evening of quiet companionship with our family.

We raise high quality, well- proportioned, good-tempered, AKC registered yellow and black Labrador puppies for placement in loving homes with families who understand what they want from a dog and what a dog wants from them. Our clients are ready to commit the time and effort required to raise a puppy so that s/he will grow into a loving, gentle, playful, happy, relaxed, exercised, trained and cherished member of the family.

We do not provide stud services.

Our puppies are all born and raised in our home. They are never kenneled. They are part of our family and are handled, socialized and played with for hours every day until they are ready to go to their new homes at the age of 8 weeks. All our adult breeding dogs have their OFA and CERF clearances.

Welcome to Ward Acres Farm in Ridgefield, CT &

                                     Austin, Tx

Top left: Gracie and Pepper, our current breeding females, romp with a stick after an ice storm dropped an endless supply of them on the ground.

Top right: Puppies from a previous litter.